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My name is Heather, my family and I live in beautiful western Arkansas.  I have enjoyed owning schnauzers for many years and love sharing the joys of schnauzer ownership with others.  I am not a large kennel nor a puppy mill & only produce a few litters per year.  I strive for quality and make sure that all of my adults have good conformation, good coat, and loving temperaments.  Most of my adults are toy sized and are in the 6-10 pound range although they do occasionally produce teacup puppies that are much smaller.  I usually have a rainbow of puppy colors to choose from in the standard colors of black/silver, salt/pepper & black along with the more colorful shade of liver, white, and parti.  I have invested alot of time & money to make that I only breed the best and ensure that everyone is happy and healthy.  I always feed a premium dog food and all of my adults get annual vet checks and have a huge play yard so that they can run around.  My puppies are well socialized and are used to household noises, children, and other pets.  The puppies also get the best care possible and I have many happy customers from all over the United States.



Feel free to email if you have any questions at all!!  I know that buying a puppy off of the internet can be a very scary process but I am very patient and want to make sure that you are matched with your perfect puppy.  I will answer all your questions, can send extra puppy pictures of the ones you are interested in, and can also provide references.

Email heather@buffalocreekschnauzers.com

Phone : 479-437-5606
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